Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dreaming Buddha- an adventure in Digital Mixed Media

Dreaming Buddha_1

Looking for a home on a Gallery wall or perhaps in your bedroom!

I wouldn't say that the creative process has been dormant this last year, the opposite, in fact, is true, but alas my keeping up with the blog has suffered as a result of having way too much to do :-).  I'm not complaining...
The other evening I couldn't sleep, and as a result , Buddha Dreamed...This is one in a series of 30 x 30 mixed media canvases I've been working on (when I have time to do so!).  I find that when I concentrate "only" on the photography, I begin to really miss the painting process.  I have a long history with/in the realms of " hands on" mixed media, so it only makes sense to me that as I become more familiar with all of the tools available in the digital realm, I take my love thereof into working digitally.  Of course, the only way to better learn ones tool set is to practice, practice, practice, so here I share some of the fruits of my diligence.  Creating art requires many things, and I am finding that of all of them-curosity, talent, self-awareness, the desire to play, spontaneity, etc., etc., etc., I tend to be lacking in the "set time aside daily to work on something creative" department.  And yes, I know, every artist (except perhaps those who have/had patrons) have wrestled with this "issue".   This blog was started as a way of sharing some of my creative pursuits with others and so in that spirit, I present you with my most recent creation.  

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mixed Media Aquatics

I've been having a bit of Digital Mixed-Media fun.  Getting ready for a few group shows.  Clearly you can see the "Aquatic Theme".  Mixed-media on canvas...getting back to my mixed-media roots.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Shooting Space for 2012
Let's get some AMAZING work done in 2012!

Ok. 2012 is just around the corner. Who is going to join me up on the 22nd floor? Come on, you know you want to :-). 

Friday, September 2, 2011

“Who the hell do you have to F**k around here in order to get some publicity?”

It’s actually a thought that has gone through my mind more than a few times these last few months, but not for the reasons you may think.

Let me elucidate.

Right now, at this very website: , there is an auction going on for selected photographical works by renown photographer Robert R. Sanders, partial proceeds of which will benefit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (

Why is this important to me you may ask? Well, for several reasons...

My best friends’ sister died of this disease in her early 30’s, leaving behind 3 young children who will never get to know the amazing woman that she was.

My own mother died at 67, of the “treatment” for Ovarian Cancer in 2005. I phrase it that way for a reason. She fought like hell after she was first diagnosed in 2003. She followed doctors advice and underwent standard radiation protocols. She was even part of a “clinical trial”. At one point during her fight, she was told that her blood work had come back “clean” for cancer markers and that she had “beat it”. She would only need to come back every 6 months for a screening. Much rejoicing ensued. Less than a month later, after complaining to me about stomach pains in a phone call and after I finally was able to convince her to go see her doctor, she was told she was “terminal” and to make her final arrangements. WTF? She came home from her 5 day stay in the hospital -burned from the inside out- due to an error in radiation administration. She hung on to life for another 3 weeks and then passed as she and I were Third Eye to Third Eye. I am grateful I was able to witness/experience her transition and I will never again question the notion of “energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be changed of form”- but I miss her light and her radiance every day, and every day I ask the question “would she have lived longer” if her “treatment” hadn’t gone so terribly awry?

“Modern medicine” has a long way to go before it actually understands and can treat this insidious disease which kills approximately 15,000 woman annually.

Symptoms are vague and can mimic all manner of GI tract difficulties. By the time the body reacts with the noticeable symptom of a “severely bloated stomach”, the disease has usually progressed to the last of the 4 cancer stages. Early detection screening tests for Ovarian Cancer are nonexistent. I know from first hand experience that trying to get answers to the question “might I be next?” is an uphill battle that requires that I educate myself, question and inform my doctors, and do not take “no” for an answer when asking for constant monitoring of “the health of my ovaries”. I know I am incredibly thankful for any and all efforts which seek to promote Ovarian Cancer awareness and so I am- by extension- deeply indebted to Robert R. Sanders, the man with whom I shared an open relationship with for several years, my photographic mentor and dear friend, for partnering with the NOCC in an effort to give Ovarian Cancer a more public profile.

Roberts title piece to promote this show as well as its on-line auction is entitled “Truth” and one of his promotional tag lines is “unwrap the truth about Ovarian Cancer”. It’s such an amazingly appropriate statement, it makes my head swim. Many of us are aware of Breast Cancer due to the organizing efforts of several, tireless groups. It seems to me that once more men started coming forward about also being diagnosed with this disease, awareness efforts doubled. Cervical Cancer too, is getting its name in lights more often these days due mainly to the link between the HP virus and its possible connection to making one more susceptible to Cervical Cancer. HPV is preventible if one follows proper safer sex protocols. Both Breast and Cervical Cancer have recognizable early symptoms as well as tests devoted to early detection, and treatment outcomes are, for the most part, higher in desirable outcomes. Awareness about Ovarian Cancer remains in the shadows of its more celebrated brethren and I applaud any and all efforts to bring it out into the light.

I am posting this note in an effort to get you to visit the auction, view the work, bid on it if it calls to you or forward the above auction link to friends who you feel may be in the market for beautiful art for an amazing cause. Roberts current most staunch supporter and lady love could not have done more to promote this event. It has been blogged about, face booked about, published in events calendars, covered in the local press,, published on-line AND she managed to get Robert onto the local news!

The more the merrier I say as regards promotion in any form, but most especially if it is to promote a cause as worthy as this one. A woman you are loving right now may be impacted by this disease-now or in the future. Your support of efforts such as this one may help to eventually highlight, treat and eradicate this silent killer of our mothers, sisters and lovers. Please help spread the word. Do it for the love of them. ღ ۵


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I know, I know I've been neglecting my blog, and it hasn't been due to lack of new work but rather due to lack of editing time. Been taking advantage of a local Classic American Car event called "Crusin Grand" to stock pile some excellent car footage. Above is one of several hundred
that I am rather proud of...more to follow of course when I have some time for their final edits.
My thanks goes out to all of the car owners who bring their coveted babies out Friday after Friday after Summertime Friday so the rest of us can experience a bit of American Automobile history...especially at a time when that history is being re-written.

Mizpah Hotel Self Portrait

This little ditty, perhaps the only self portrait I will ever post on-line was taken on a recent road trip to Nevada,
Historic Tonopah NV in fact.

This actual Hotel- a registered historic landmark- ( and a very haunted place if one wants to believe the locals) will be up for auction September 19th 2009...a little something I found out only recently when I Googled it to check the spelling of the hotel's name and the name of the town. If it weren't in the middle of nowhere...and if I had the money of course...I'd put in a serious bid and convert it into a live/work situation. But unfortunately it IS in the middle of nowhere and the area is suffering-as is everywhere else- from the current economic crisis.

Anyhow...this shot is directly "out of camera" post production photoshop layers, no photo merging, nothing fancy except a bump up in the contrast and sharpness in my camera's RAW processing software. Personally, I think it's pretty damn cool.